Laurentiu Artugyan - Romania

Laurențiu Artugyan
West Universityof Timisoara


Laurențiu Artugyan was born on December 19, 1987 in Hunedoara, a small town in Transylvania, Romania. After he graduated the high school in his hometown, he moved to Timisoara, the largest city in the Western part of Romania to follow his passion for geography and tourism. He began his university studies with majors in Geography and Tourism (2007-2010). During his first year in college he joint Speotimis, the oldest Grotto in Timisoara. In this way he came in very close contact with karst topography and caving activities. 

He continued is studies with a Masters Degree in Geographic Information Systems (2010-2012), in the Department of Geography (Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, West University of Timişoara), and is currently a PhD student at the same institution. He is a teaching assistant for disciplines like Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

As a PhD student, he published or submitted many articles to Romanian or international journals, all having the main subject karst terrains from different perspectives (geomorphological, GIS modeling, environmental, Speleological, tourists).

Laurențiu concentrated his studies in Southwestern part of Romania, just north of the Danube Gorges, in the Anina Mountains, where is located the largest and most compact karst area in Romania.

His research is focused on both surface and subsurface karst terrains, for a better understanding of the Anina karst area, to be able to solve numerous environmental problems in this region.

He also attended summer schools in GIS and Environmental Problems; he received two scholarships to study Geographical Information Systems (Salzburg and Zagreb) and took part in various national and international symposia/conferences in the field of Geomorphology and Karst Topography.

Based on his studies, he obtained several accreditations as: technician in tourism, travel agent, tour guide, manager tourism activities and human resources inspector.

The main interests are: Geography, Geomorphology, GIS, karst topography and tourism.

His hobbies are closely related to his field of interests and with his main activities, as hiking, travelling, reading, photography, and speleology, sport.

Motto: "Any dream can be translated into life by those who are strong enough to believe in it." George Bernard Shaw